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Signature 9x Class


Our 9x class brings heart-rate tracking, mind-body mantras, and a high-energy circuit to every class, every day. Each class is built around an affirmation or mantra – with movements, exercises, and pacing to support that mantra. Class kicks off with the mantra and a floor/tread warm-up to get the body moving. Now the main workout begins, with equal time in our three 9x blocks:

  1. Run/Bike
    Get your heart pumping with our state-of-the-art lifetime treadmills or single assault bike. Set your pace with different intensities: base, push, sprint, and all out. Our trainer guides you through a 10-13 minute tread sequence built around that day’s mantra.
  2. Box
    Channel your focus to build power, resilience, and speed on heavy bags and aqua bags. Maintain the energy as you lean into the rhythm of each session guided by custom-designed boxing videos displayed on our 9-screen media wall. Those videos will guide you through each move, when to switch it up, and when to rest.
  3. Lift
    Push your mental and physical limits to discover your inner strength with TRX bands and free weights. Our instructors will keep you motivated throughout each session as the media wall guides you through a variety of movements and weights.

Every 60-minute class ends with a mini-mediation and a cool eucalyptus towel to amplify individual accomplishments, ground the body, and celebrate growth.

September Class Calendar for 9x Fitness Malibu

A group class at 9x Malibu.