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Hana Monska is the head of EMS and Master Trainer at EMS Concierge by 9x. Full-body workouts have been an essential component of Hana’s personal and professional life. As a model and healthy lifestyle enthusiast, Hana found a passion in fitness over many years of intentionality and consistency. After first trying EMS herself nearly a decade ago, Hana earned her certification from the National Exercise & Sport Trainer Association (NESTA), Miha Bodytec- Electro Fitness Technology, and GluckerKolleg – EMS Training Department, then founded EMS Concierge in 2018. Since then, Hana’s reputation in the fitness industry has exploded – gaining her public praise from celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Reese Witherspoon, as well as features and shoutouts in The Zoe Report and Malibu Magzine.
9x is thrilled to be the new Malibu home for EMS Concierge and Hana’s industry-leading fitness team.